Corporate Gypsy Girl (?)

Blazer: SM Department Store, Dress: Thrifted (I KNOW RIGHT?!??!)
Tights: Leg Love, Shoes: Fioni from Payless, Necklace: Bubbles Bangles: Vintage,
Ring: Girl Shoppe 

This is my favorite dress ever, ever, ever, EVAR, and of course because she's one of my favorites I'm going to name her...but maybe not right now because I can't think of one yet :D. I've avoided wearing this dress too often because if I didn't, I would live in it. It has the right colors and goes so well with the patterned stockings that I got from Leg Love. I was even tempted to wear it as a Halloween costume for a friends party, with the right accessories it would instantly look really good as a gypsy dress :D.

Oh! I just thought of a name, Indie, yup that's her name. I found Indie at the last thriftshop I was at, she was actually a replacement for one of the dresses that I wasn't sure about. I figured, if I looked one more time I was bound to find something I was sure of, and there she was. I'm glad I reconsidered that other dress, it was too big for me anyway. Indie has an empire cut and little puff sleeves, I love her tiny lace detail, like a lace belt below the chest area (hahahahha I don't know how to word it properly!!!). She is the kind of dress you want to save to hand down to others, hopefully I can keep her safe for then :).

I found this in Pinterest the other day and I think it would make Indie delirously happy!

I doubt my hands would function if I wore them all at once but they all look
so gorgeous!
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