Feature: Cameele Zaballero of Perfectly Distracted

When I started this blog, it was an out of the blue-why-not-there's-nothing-else-to-do-I-don't-want-to-keep-laying-around-the-house kind of decision. So far, it's a month old and I'm still very happy with what I'm doing, I like that it gives me something else to do aside from work and going out, I LOVE that I get to meet people, especially other bloggers (who, if I may add, are all so super oh-my-god friendly).  Cameele Zaballero, gave birth to her blog almost around the same time as I did. Uber scatterbrain, good vibes all the way, awesomesauce, fun to be with, one of a kind, laughs at me and tells me when I'm ugly, good friend and colleague started her blog only with her love for fashion in mind. You guys should check her out at Perfect Distraction, hopefully follow her and help her build courage to come up to the gorgeous people roaming around Manila in stylish threads, snap photos of them to show you guys :)

- My  blab ends here promise -

What is it that you love most about yourself and why?
I love that I'm a happy person, and it usually reflects on the way I dress. I move a lot, like  A LOT and I hate dull moments, I hate doing nothing, so I always wear clothes that I can move FREELY in! :)))
I love it because being a happy person makes everything so easy and I hate stressing myself out. :)

What is your most favorite accessory that jazzes up ANY wardrobe?
Scarves! You wouldn't want to wear a scarf in a tropical country, trust me, I know. But who cares? I just love them so much! I can go out wearing boring clothes but with an awesome scarf around my neck, I feel perfect! Here's my favorite, animal printed scarf in blue, cheapest I have, but the best! ;p I can wear it everyday! :))

What is your favorite comfy outfit and why?
Shirt, A PERFECT SCARF, jeans, and flats! :) They're easy to throw on specially when you're on the go! :)

What is the one thing you splurged on to add to your closet and was it worth it?
I splurge on bags, not on clothes! ;p And my bags are inside my closet, so technically they do count, right? :))) Anyway, my coach bag is worth all the money in the world. HAHA. If I can use it every day, I will! But that would be unfair to my other babies ;p

How would you describe your style?
I'm skinny but I like wearing loose shirts or tops. I feel comfortable in them, free to move, like what I've said, I move a lot! :)) So let's just say loose and happy is my style ;p


Earth tones

I've been a fan of earth colors for years now, and I love to jazz it up a little with something bright like magenta/fuchsia which is mainly my favorite color. This darker/deeper shade of pink goes really well with rust orange, chocolate brown and amber yellow (wow color wheel much?). These of course are the colors that I have for my bridesmaids and maids of honor, my color palette is everywhere, almost close to a rainbow but not really, I just couldn't contain myself to just one color!

Okay, enough about the bridal babbling.

The outfit I'm posting today is something that I actually haven't worn. Most of the time I plan my outfits for the week during the weekend so I can post them after I've worn them. Hahah, yeah I know I should do a day to day thing, I will once my photographer (<3) and I are finally under one roof, that way it would just be easy for me to yank him off the couch to take a photo of my outfit for the day.

I really love this top, it's so comfy and it has most of the colors that I love. I've already worn it here, and you might actually see it in more posts, cause I love it so much :P. Maybe I should name her too, any suggestions? :)

EDIT: Now I won't let you guys leave thinking that I only have one pair of pants. I don't...I swear I don't. I just kinda forgot that I was using the same ones on the last post. Ooops...you didn't notice? Okay well then I didn't I just wanted to check if you were paying attention :P

Cardigan: Landmark Makati
Top: Eastwood City Bazaar
Pants: Eastwood City Bazaar
Bracelet: Eastwood City Bazaar
Earrings: Gift
Shoes: VNC


Rainy day in mom's closet

I woke up super early today because of the typhoon, the sound of the wind worried me. I didn't think I could brave all that and actually get to work in one piece. So I stayed home all day, I really don't like staying home if it isn't a weekend and if I'm not sick. It was nice to get some rest and read again, but I was just super super super bored. Of course my boredom isn't anything compared to the tragedy that a lot of Filipinos were up against yesterday and today, I'm keeping my prayers for everyone who's homes were destroyed by this typhoon, specially those families who have lost loved ones.

Today meant nothing but sleep for me, since we didn't have electricity most of the day, it was also nice to spend a bit of time with my dad (I think he was happy that I stayed home actually) have meals with him and teach him how to watch the TV series' that I got for him on his laptop. Aside from all that sleep, I decided it was just about time to jump into my moms closet one more time.

Sometimes when I look through her closet I keep thinking if she kept all these things for me to find! Well maybe not, but it's so nice to find surprises in her closet, things I never thought I'd even think of wearing AT ALL. This top is one of my favorites out of her closet, it is a bit over sized and I think I might get it altered but for now I think I like the way it's flowy and lose.

You guys think I should get it altered?

Top: Vintage
Pants: Eastwood City Bazaar
Necklace: Bubbles
Bracelet: Bubbles
Shoes: Fioni from Payless


Rain and my missing kitty pendant

*Sigh* Can anybody tell me why it's raining??? People are saying that this typhoon is like the last disastrous one we had a few years back, it wasn't so traumatic for me but I really don't want that to ever happen again. Everyone's on their toes hoping that it won't flood like there's no tomorrow and we can all get home safely. I hate gloomy weather like this on a weekday, on weekends that's a different story :)

I was so exhausted yesterday, that I was only able to put together three outfits and hurried my fiance outside for a quick shoot. He's getting really good at photo shoots though, I'm so proud of him :) I was supposed to post this outfit last late last but I wasn't able to, due to the busy weekend, which is pretty cool since this week I have reserved outfits to show you guys :D

Last Friday I decided to wear something super comfortable since I was on my toes all week and wanted to rest my legs and feet :D I really love this top, it's one of my favorite purchases this month, I can just throw it on and still look like I actually thought my outfit through.

Photos taken by Cameele

After the mini shoot, we were already at our desks when I realized that the kitty pendant in my necklace is gone! :( I was so sad cause it was the reason why I bought this necklace in the first place. I tried retracing my steps to see if I could find it in the office but it's gone forever :((((((. The fiance says he'll replace it with the same new necklace (he's such a darling) but I still feel bad though. But in case you guys find my missing kitty please give her back to me. 

If anyone sees her wandering around...please return her to me.

Top: Eastwood City Bazaar
Jeggings: Eastwood City Bazaar
Flats: Eastwood City Bazaar
Neckalce :( : Bubbles
Bracelets: Bubbles
Bangles: Girl Shop


My busy weekend

Saturday I had to be up early to meet my designer, bridesmaids and maid of honor for their fitting! It was nice to hang around the girls the rest for some lunch after the fitting and gossiping and having good food :D Right after our late lunch, a few of us went thrifting in Cubao! We went to a building near Gateway Mall, I was so overwhelmed that I just went mad over the racks and was all over the place in a matter of mins. I don't have actual photos of the trip (boo, I know :\) I should have taken some but I just got way to overwhelmed that I totally forgot I was writing about it. But anyway here are some of my purchases!

Sorry I just sorta threw them all on the bed and took a photo! :D

I had a few goal pieces that I wanted to find, to my surprise I was actually able to get a hold of them all!

My favorite one is this camel colored corduroy pants, I'm thinking of having them altered a bit, turn them into skinny jeans. I'm still not completely sure about the alteration that I want, but I was really excited about this find.

I finally got myself some animal prints can't wait to mix and match them.

Yesterday night after all that thrifting, I went to dinner with a bunch of my high school friends, it was so nice to see them after such a long time. I had to make a quick change from jeans and a shirt and this is what I came up with.

Not bad for a quick change :D

I hope you guys had a great weekend! :D

Cardigan: Greenhills Shopping Center
Top: Shop Incez Axe
Belt: Eastwood City Bazaar
Jeggings: Eastwood City Bazaar
Shoes: Charles and Keith
Bangles: Girl Shop
Bracelets: Bubbles
Necklac: Bubbles
Ring: Bubbles


Funk it up a bit

Here I am again with Lucy! Don't you just love her? She's such a good skirt, I just haven't worn her...anywhere...yeah I know I should. There just isn't a time or a place yet, I mean I should wear her in the office but I feel like it's going to rain and I'm going to have a hard time commuting home. You know how much of a pain that can be right? But soon, I promise I WILL wear her out, if not at the office then at a fitting or like to the mall. Yeah, mark my words, I will wear Lucy outside somewhere.

Anyway, this week went by fast, before I knew it, Thursday's here and I have to prepare for the busy weekend ahead of me. First up, another fitting with my bridesmaids and flower girls! But I'm really excited about my thriftshop trip with my friends and can't wait to see what treasures we can find at the shops at Cubao. After all that shopping, I'm having dinner with my awesome and super gorgeous high school friends. I haven't seen them in ages which caused them to believe that I have been swallowed by a big green monster. I am finally making my appearance after a really really really long time, to prove that I have not been swallowed and/or eaten by any monster and/or similar and I'm so happy I get to see them :D Then on Sunday I have to bring my one and only love to the vet...no not the fiance, my love Champagne, let me introduce you guys.

Oh my goodness she stole my sunnies! 

I absolutely adore her, she thinks she's human and she acts like a super star around everyone, you could totally sneak up and steal her cause she'll love you instantly (but please don't).

What are your plans this weekend? :)

Top: Eastwood City Bazaar
Skirt: Eastwood City Bazaar
Tights: Happychan Shop
Boots: I totally forgot, this was so long ago already.
Necklace: SM Megamall Department Store
Bangles: Greenhills Shopping Center Bazaar


Bow ties and mad accessories

I was supposed to post this the other day but I think I was so happy and so overwhelmed that I forgot. I finally got my package from Bubbles last Monday. After I went to Cubao Expo with colleagues, I suddenly realized I was coming home to a package filled with the accessories I ordered from Bubbles, I got so excited I almost forgot to pay the cab driver (teeheee)! When I got home, I grabbed the package and my dog and locked myself in my room. To top that, I only remembered to go make myself dinner when the fiance called and reminded me to (hahah that's what he's there for :P). Anyway, here are some of my pretty purchases, I've already used a few of them this week! I have never been one to accessorize, until I realized how important it was, specially if you're out in just jeans and a t-shirt :D. I'm really happy I was able to get myself some, I feel all decorated and cool.

I really wanted to post my look today, I literally opened my computer at 10 pm searching for bow tie DIY's (I found and did the easiest one :D clicky!) , in less than an hour...TADA!! I've got me a bow tie! The back part of this tie is super messy I'm ashamed to show you guys but It served it's purpose :). This is one of my favorite looks so far, (and I don't usually have favorites) even if I was called a flight attendant, a waitress and a magician all in one day! I'm still really really happy with how it turned out :D

Cardigan: Greenhills Shopping Center
Top: Mom's closet (the tags gone, I don't know where she got it)
Pants: Eastwood City Bazaar
Shoes: Brash from Payless
Bow tie: DIY
Bracelets: Bubbles
Ring: Bubbles (I love rings, and I never thought I'd actually wear connector rings at all, but this one caught my eye and it's my currently my favorite :))

P.S. Maybe I should wear this with a skirt next time...might be cuter :D


Skirt + top = Skop? (and sleeping while modeling)

EDIT: Oh dear...I must have fallen asleep!

EDIT: There I'm awake now :D

Due to the lack of tops in my closet, okay so it wasn't a lack of tops, it was more like...I didn't feel like wearing anything in my closet, which would not be good, topless in the city is not good. Anyway, I decided to be "creative" and wear this skirt as a top! Oh c'mon, I'm sure you've done it before...right? It was a bit difficult because they held on for dear life and I almost had to pin them to keep them up, but over all, they kept me clothed the entire day :)

I had such a busy Monday, I had to dig into my brain for html codes I haven't used in a while but was still able to survive the task I'm doing, and still doing by the way, I'm happy I was actually able to finish a big bulk of my task yesterday. Just a bit more to do and I'm done with this project for now, I love getting stuff done earlier than the deadline, because this hardly happens :D. After work we went to Cubao Expo, to hang for a bit had a couple of drinks (yes, I had some more Coke Zero). I love winding down with my colleagues after work, all in all it was a nice start to the week.

For today I'm listening to some happy music to get a kick start on Tuesday, I hope your week is going great, if not I suggest you turn up this song and just dance like crazy!

Cardigan: Eastwood City Bazaar
Skirt turned into a top: Vintage
Slacks: Eastwood City Bazaar
Earrings: Gift
Necklace: Market Market
Shoes: VNC

P.S. Along with my silly colleagues at work, I have had this song stuck in my head for weeks now...probably almost  a month. I'm still not sick of it but I will eventually hate it.


Hello there Monday!

I don't want to be hostile towards Mondays, I know it means work and another long week ahead but a few months back I have actually made peace with my Mondays. Besides, there are way too many Mondays in life and I don't want to have that many enemies :D

Today, I decided to leave later for work cause I figured I could avoid the Monday morning rush of people, but recently I've been noticing the rest of Mandaluyong (the city I live in) has decided to all go to work late on the same day. I used to have my commute timed just right, but for a few months now I've been off, I keep arriving when a swarm of people are waiting at the loading area. Naturally I promise myself I'd wake up and go to work earlier than I usually do, but we all know that never works. Oh commuting woes, I can't wait to move nearer, that way my only problem will be a dude walking way too slow, or girls walking too slow in a row (oh! I'm a poet and I didn't even know it!). :)

You know those days when you went to sleep late the night before but for some reason your eyes opened so early and refused to go back to sleep?? I had one of those days when I put this look together, I literally stumbled out of bed, tripped into the shower, crawled out and accidentally fell into my closet. Usually I'd get my outfit for the next day, laid out in the bathroom before I sleep (okay fine not usually, most of the time...okay okay, it's sometimes) but I was way to lazy to stare at my closet that night and decided to crawl into bed and stare at the TV instead (everyone has staring preferences right??). My brain panicked, while I stood staring (I'm so redundant) into my closet hoping for any of my clothes to pop out, partially hoping that someone secretly went shopping for me the day before to surprise me with new stuff to wear, alas no new things :( . And then I remembered....ah, that black dress I only wore once since I bought it! I looked around for it and found it almost hiding under one of my sweaters (I think it's shy, I haven't taught it how to socialize yet). I topped with my hot pink cardigan, my black tights to pass dress code and my favorite witch heels from Charles and Keith! Phew! I think it came out pretty decent :)

Don't fight it, embrace it, lets try and be friends with our Mondays from now on shall we?
Happy Monday everyone!

Cardigan: Landmark Makati
Dress: Human
Belt: Eastwood City Bazaar
Tights: SM Megamall Department store
Shoes: Charles and Keith


Hangin' with the bridesmaids

My fiance's attempt at a paparazzi shot.

Sooo....I was forced to buy a few pairs of pants this week because my colleague and good friend Cameele decided that laughing me out of my 3 month old skinny now baggy jeans was the best way to get me to buy new ones. Yeah, okay fine, I'm happy I got new slacks and jeggings that fit well and don't look like pajamas (*sigh* if only pajamas are allowed at work). I am still losing weight (30 lbs more to go actually), in a very healthy manner by the way, but this part of my life is another story all together and it's really boring so lets not get into that. I figured jeggings were the way to go, they'll last me two more months without turning into pajams (waaayyy too much babble already, I know).


I wore this today on our little trip to Market Market the fiance to meet up with our designer and two of my bridesmaids for a fitting. I love how I get to see the progress of the dresses I envisioned with her, she's such a wonderful designer. I took so many colors and asked her to do so many combinations and changed my mind a bazillion times I don't know how she puts up with me! The rest of the bridesmaids, the maids of honor and two flower girls are fitting next weekend! EGZOITING! :D But for now here are my two gorgeous bridesmaids :D

Lovely aren't they? :D 

Top: Eastwood City Bazaar
Jeggings: Eastwood City Bazaar
Shoes: Fioni from Payless
Bracelet: Eastwood City Bazaar
Necklace: Market Market Department Store

Edit: Oh! And there's my new hair do! You like it? :D I love my curls but I'm so happy my hair's shorter now, I felt the weight off my shoulders, not to mention saves so much shampoo! :D


Artsy Fartsy Blog Giveaway! :D

You can not take me away from giveaways, I absolutely love joining every one of them. And because I am such a giveaway addict, I wanted to let you guys know about Artys Fartsy Blog Giveaway.
 The lovely Ava, is giving away gorgeous prizes to thank her followers. To be honest, I'm speechless about all the stuff you get in giveaway, and that doesn't always happen, I'm never speechless.

Wanna see?? :D

So as I sit here in awe of this generous giveaway hop on over to her blog and get a chance to win them! :D


I know you want to :)

clicky clicky...


Yeah, my dad owns it.

Imagine the embarrassment, my dad walking in the mall, around the house, somewhere public, in pink shorts, with his beer belly popping out. It was completely normal for him though, they were a pair that he could still use, it still fit him. But imagine, how it made the rest of us feel. Obviously back then none of us were happy that pink shorts were actually part of his wardrobe, but a week ago, I was very thankful that they were :D.

Everyone please applaud my one and only awesome father for keeping this pair of pink shorts for years and for looking for them endlessly until he found it. For without his efforts I won't be able to post this outfit. :)

Cardigan: Eastwood Bazaar
Top: Sorry I can't remember...but I remember that I bought them for my thesis defense, bohemian-y effect. Because my thesis was designed in the bohemian-y way :D
Shorts: Vintage (Dad's *gasp*)
Shoes: Fioni from Payless

EDIT: I should never have a photo taken when I just got out of the shower and my hair looks like a wet dog on my head. Sorry guys.


I. Want. Sleep.

So, last night..which was a Tuesday, a Tuesday my friends, yeah that was the day - My entire team at work decided it would be a good idea to go drinking until really late following a dinner we had. Yeah...we did that, on a TUESDAY -.-.

No. I did not drink any alcohol. I had a Coke Zero. Yup, that's what I had. Oh and some water. Yup that's it.

BUT, that didn't keep me from staying 'til late, smoking my lungs into oblivion and waking up at 6 in the morning the next day (which is today). Yeah, that's how you live it! You don't believe me? I'll show you photos...real good ones too, some R rated stuff there. People passed out, dancing naked on the tables, boys spooning each other...

Okay fine.

I have no pictures like that at all.

But I'll post them anyhow when I get copies. :)

But all the crappy sleepy brain rants aside, I have to say that, we haven't done that in a while and I actually liked bonding with those crazy people I work with. I want more (Coke Zero)!!!

Here is all I can say about my outfit post today:
  • I feel like I want to go to a picnic in this dress...specially with this cardigan on. But without the cardigan, I'll probably want to go to the beach.
  • I have been wanting to pair these two for weeks now but I keep forgetting. (Yay! I didn't forget this time :D)
  • I have nothing else to say, I just thought a third bullet would look cool.
  • Hi.
  • There is a lone ant roaming my desk having a little adventure! :D
  • Okay I'll stop now.
  • Fine. Stopping.
Cardigan: Eastwood City Bazaar
Dress: I totally forgot what store this was from but I'm positive it's one of the stores at Robinsons Galleria.
Shoes: Fioni from Payless
Necklace: Vintage


Meet Lucy

 I really really REALLY want to wear this at the office alas, this aqua love of mine is too short and won't pass our dress code *sigh*. She's my favorite skirt so far so you will be seeing a lot of her. Her name's Lucy, say hi everyone :). Once I get me some opaque stockings I think I'll be able to wear her, but 'til then it's weekends for me and Lucy.

My tattoo artist, informed me last night that my design is already done, she won't be here this week though so I have to wait 'til she gets back to come see it. I know I keep saying I'm so excited but I have to say it again, I'm so EGZOOOIIITTEEED (I said it a different way this time :D) !!! I can't wait to drop by and oohh and aahhh over her creation of my chaotic idea :D.

I hope you guys had a good Monday, here's to the rest of the week, fight fight fight!!

Cardigan: Greenhills Shopping Center
Top: Teranova Glorietta 4
Skirt: Eastwood City Bazaar:
Belt: Eastwood City Bazaar
Shoes: VNC
Necklace: Vintage

P.S. I'm having my hair cut soon...meep! I hope it's not disastrous, wish me luck!


Dots, giveaway addiction and pretty pretty bubbles :D *prances around*

Before I get to my outfit post, you guys know I'm all about joining giveaways lately. I went over to A Shoe Tale (Vern's blog) and found the best giveaway ever! She's giving away a pair of Gold Dot shoesie beautifulness for her blog aniversary *throws confetti and gitters at you*! I'm so excited about this shoe brand and I'm sure you guys are too! You  HAVE to join! :D Quick, before it ends and the chance to win a pair of shoes is gone! :D Quick quick quick!!

I thought that the only polka dot thing I had is a skirt of my mom's I have only worn once since I took it out of her closet and migrated it to mine. While looking through my closet for more outfits it suddenly dawned on me that this dress has dots too! Yes my friends, it took that long...hahahaha.

I was looking at my post yesterday and said to myself..."you need accessories for that outfit...no, for ALL your outfits" I think that's the one thing that's really missing in my outfit posts, accessories. So finally I ordered some last night (and the other night) from Bubbles. I was so excited about how gorgeous all the accessories are that I ordered more than I planned (still within budget though :P). Can't wait to get them in the mail! I sincerely love the accessories!

It's official my friends, Bubbles and giveaways are my new addiction.

P.S. I don't know what happened to my camera in these shots...I must have smudged it or the fiance breathed on it and left a breath-fog or my dog licked it or...*shurgs*

Cardigan: Eastwood City Bazaar
Dress: Bench Eastwood Mall
Shoes: Fioni from Payless


Our little fail day.

 Presenting our fail day pose on the lower left...my fiance doesn't seem too sad about it though haha

Isn't this scarf just gorgeous???!! I found it in one of the stalls at the Boracay Market, grabbed it and held on for dear life!

Our Saturday was fail day mostly because I was wearing this and when we were on our way to the grocery it started to pour with matching wind! We had umbrellas but it was like nothing, I could have just been walking under the rain and no one would notice the difference. Thankfully though there was a major highlight to our day. We finally got to talk to the tattoo artist, she was super professional and enthusiastic about the designs we wanted her to do. Mine is really detailed, so I decided to save just a bit more money for it since all the detail is really important to me. Besides, it is my mom's face that I want on my skin, I want to make sure that it really looks like her and not some strange lady :D. I just have to send a few things over to the artist, and she'll get started with my design, I'll visit her in a few days to check on it (I'm so excited!).

I stumbled upon another awesome give away at Simone's Fashion Closet you guys need to rush over there! There will be four winners to this giveaway, each price has clothing and accessories! Yet another thing to be excited about. So quick! Hop on over there and join! I know you want toooo :D

Tank Top: Greenhills Shopping Center
Pants: Thrifted!
Shoes: Ipanema
Scarf: Boracay Market


Comfy but Chic

Last Friday was awesomeballs! I had so much fun with my colleagues, hanging out at the new bakery for breakfast, at the company event that night AND going for drinks after said event. I love it when we all get to wind down and have some laughs at the end of the week, hopefully we could do more of that.

I decided to simplify it last friday (since it's casual jeans day at work) with a bohemian-ish top, my favorite mustard cardigan and my trusty "rain flats". They did me well, I was comfortable the entire day :D What's your comfy but chic  outfit? :D

That person behind me is a colleague of mine, her name's Trisha, say hi everyone :D

 Since she was already there, I decided to have her in the shot.

Sorry for the blurry photos...I think my lens needed a bit of cleaning :P

Have a great weekend everyone! :D

Cardigan: Greenhills Shopping Center
Top: Landmark Makati
Jeans: Bench SM Megamall
Flats: Eastwood City Bazaar

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